Client: Private

The Albany area is becoming an increasingly important metropolitan and business hub for North Shore City. This proposal is located at 63 Corinthian drive, a site which sits in the business park zone, adjacent to the northern motorway and its off/on ramps and Albany shopping centre. The proposal comprises of a three-storied high-end office, offering approximately 3,000 sqm of floor area in a convenient and easily accessible site. Designed to give the best return to our client’s investment, it facilitates the increasing demands for office space in this area and offers a light, warm and habitable interior for its occupants.

The minimalistic concrete exterior and the tactile timber and metallic interior juxtaposes to form a simple and clean building design of two languages. Precast concrete panels form the envelope of the building, ensuring fast construction and cost-effectiveness. Although the exterior of the building is rigid and concrete, it still allows moments of visual permeability through openings and punctures in the structure. This allows the warmth of the timber interior to be seen in subtle moments outside of the building.

The extensive sawtooth roof is an important feature that enables good daylighting to enter the building and contributes to making spaces feel more natural and warm than a typical commercial office block building.

Project 5647