Client: Redwood

Entering the Franklin area of Queenstown from Cromwell and Alexandria on state highway 16, at the corner of Grants Road and next to the airport, is a new mall with the area’s first Countdown supermarket, realised as the first of two stages for a new retail and commercial centre of some 28,000 m2 for Queenstown.

A central on-level community parking area enclosed on three sides by a complex including four buildings with similar materials repeated in different ways and each provided with a different feel:
Building 1, on the east, is a two storey building with commercial and banking retail at ground level and first-floor offices. With a giant pre cast pylon sign, it is gateway and entry to the site. Its facade on Grants Road is curtained in a large mesh sunshade wall perforated for light and signage and supported on exposed steel trusses with planes of glazed and solid canopies projecting outwards from its solid concrete core. The facade comprises tectonic separated plates of metallic tile, precast panel and cedar louvre, separated by ribbons of glass.
Building 2 on the south, is the large single storey supermarket with basement, surrounded on north and east edges by single storey small food and amenity retail with roofs cantilevered out to provide generous verandahs for pedestrians. A first-floor creche facility with outdoor grassed and deck facilities for small occupants nestles up to the supermarket.
Building 3 with the large retailers, Rebel Sports and Briscoes, is joined to Building 2 on the south, and shares with it a common verandah in front, with textured pre cast pilasters and a large service dock and entrance in the rear.
Building 4, on the west, comprises medium size retailers under an ‘up and down’ valley and ridge repeating roof shape repeating the jagged outlines of the surrounding mountain backdrop. Its roofs cantilever out from the retail bulk, floating over the open glazed frontage and elegantly textured pre cast pilasters, to provide a generous verandah for the pedestrians at the front and covered service area to the rear.

The basement parking is accessed for vehicles from the rear of the site and via a ramp from the community parking area in front and for pedestrians via travelator and lift from the front entrance to the supermarket.

This new slick ‘country’ style mall is a long awaited and popular addition to Queenstown’s retail amenity.

Project 5092