Client: LDS

This resources and archive centre located within the main Templeview site was a very demanding project, from initial concept design to its current status of construction and administering the contract. Our design on one aspect is refurbishment to the exterior of the building in strict accordance with the original 1950’s architecture and NZ historical Places criteria. A central new link and main foyer were integrated into the existing fabric of the building in a highly modern and contrasting fashion – “structural glazed element”.

The building construction has been challenging due to many structural last minute changes, as the building’s original structure was less sound than first thought, involving enormous efforts of all consultants trying to overcome the structural intrusions within the architecture without reducing the overall architectural intent and impact.

The finishes of this building like the new Temple View Stake Centre is to have simple, honest materials and to be the same pallet for consistency and forming a template for the Temple View architecture for future development. Like an orchestra, all associated buildings of Temple View are different yet encompass a harmony.



Project 5204