Whitford Manor Estate is a new type of residential subdivision in New Zealand. Architects always like the idea of creating a village where they can consider the environment. Walkers were initially approached by the client after a visit to our award-winning project in Wairaki. The village concept was to be based on this design but on a grander scale. Like Wairaki Lodge where a courtyard is at the heart, Whitford Manor Estate has a large village green, ‘a public park’, with increased dwelling¬†density¬†around this park, to include a range of two level terrace houses and a few 3 level apartment buildings, each wrapping around a small entry court.
Besides Walkers designing all these higher density buildings for the village we are also designing each stand alone house for purchasers. This is a unique feature of this subdivision, where concept fees form part of the purchase price of the land. This ensures the village architecture is retained across the development and gives buyers confidence that their neighbour’s property will be of a similar quality and designed to privacy and outlook. Earthworks and services have commenced on site.

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