Client: Real Living

A major redevelopment and expansion project of the existing retirement home facilities on 30 acres of land is proposed for the Pakuranga Park Village off Fortunes Road, Pakuranga. A master plan has been developed with the client to include nine stages of building development around a large central ‘oasis’ park with gardens, fountains, flowerbeds and tree-scape lawns. Including to a new four level luxury apartment building, a new hospital, a specialist dementia unit, a medical centre with general retail, cafe and pharmacy, several 6-8 level retirement apartment buildings, a new community centre, pool complexes and supporting servicing/ storage/ parking amenities.

The sequencing of the construction stages is to accommodate the continuing operation of the Village, the retention of and consideration for the existing residences and roading infrastructure, the upkeep of the residents existing amenity and the creation of a new public access and entrance with traffic light controlled intersection on the Pakuranga highway.

The first stage is the beginning of a consenting process and negotiation with the local community to build up support for a more dense bulk of higher quality buildings in a traditional area of single level dwellings and community buildings.

The first stage building is the four level luxury apartment which is positioned opposite the existing three storey apartment block next to the current main entrance of Fortunes Road, to frame the entrance to the site. New tree and flower-bed planting border each side of the realigned entranceway to promenade the visitor down a future central park.
The building bulk is set back from the street and neighbours. It is separated from them by a substantial grassed lawn area with medium scale and large trees.
A large cobbled plaza links the new building with the existing across the new vehicle entrance, to slow the traffic and claim the space for the pedestrian and to offer a generous drop-off for the new building’s entry. Beyond and behind the building a ramp leads down to the basement with parking for the residents.

A large louvred screen spans over the ground level pedestrian entry, catching and reflecting the sunlight and shadows, providing screen and enclosure for the building’s glazed entrance and building’s atrium beyond.
A four level high ‘green’ wall fills the back of the entry atrium, inviting the visitor to look up to a glazed roof skylight. Wrapped around the atrium a walkway connects the lift and stairs to the apartment entries. Contrasting timber panel doors and framed glass side panel define entry and welcome the visitor. Apartments surround the atrium on three sides east, north and west and open out to large retiring decks to the sun, air and tree park.

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