Client: Reddy Group


The Tanoa Hotel project is reinforced by a proposed landscape connection to the Apia Waterfront. At present, the road leading to the site is barren and exposed, bordered by a concrete breakwater barrier and interspersed with a few large trees offering limited refuge and shade for visitors.

The waterfront connection is achieved by the increasing number of large shade trees along the journey, providing a designated pathway with solar lighting, seating, water figures, shelters, viewing decks and the introduction of shade trees along the Port site frontage. The new streetscape extends the hotel’s landscape beyond its boundaries and enhances its visitors experience of Apia’s township.

The prominent trees along the road are the Flame Tree, Coral Tree and Indian Almond. Additional Flame Trees provide more shade canopy and a red flower display extends the avenue of red along Apia’s waterfront to Tanoa Hotel’s front door.

Project 5115