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The village main street of Silverdale is sliced through by the main highway which follows the coast north of Auckland. At the end of the street opening off the highway, on a tight angled corner site, sits an existing solid plain 1970’s block work and insulated plaster parapet walled commercial building with retail at the ground level and offices above.

After years of deterioration caused by leaking through the cladding, the client was keen to look beyond a ‘re-clad’ project to a complete ‘re-imaging’ of the building. With proven traditional timber weatherboard wall cladding and a new hipped roof to replace the existing internal gutter system, the building is ‘dressed’ as a clean modern re-interpretation of the historic Silverdale hotel which was the focus of the main street before the new highway interrupted the connection.


The ‘re-imaged’ building holds the end of Silverdale Street with its massing and provides a pivot for the street at its junction with the highway. The stepped walls alongside the highway become walls of retail signage and display visible to the highway.

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