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A new master plan is being developed for the whole of Ngati Otara Park. Within the park is a group of community buildings including a Marae, kindergarten and a sports club. With an increase in community activity the community leaders saw the need for an improvement in existing facilities for use by the greater South Auckland population.

Jointly with Ngati Otara Marae and Otara Multi Sports Committees a brief was prepared to fully understand the needs and functions of the community. This includes various sports clubs who will be utilising the buildings with the view of developing a business plan which would generate income for both buildings and for their upkeep.

Numerous evening meetings were held with stakeholders to prepare a preliminary concept for approval by the Community Board.

Dedicated facilities have been provided for each building, however some common areas, accessible by both entities, have been provided. These included a hangi area, small gym, office/meeting rooms, physiotherapy, and security room.

A display area in front of the multi-sports complex has been earmarked to illustrate the versatile Otara Community. This could be in the form of sculptures or a storyboard.

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