Client: Metropole

The refurbishment of the Metropole restaurant in Parnell, Auckland. The client’s brief was short and simple. Design a relaxed, modern style restaurant that would be equally at home in New York or the centre of Parnell.

From the reviews the restaurant has been a popular success. Metro Magazine: “The most arrogant kid on the Parnell block is back, reborn as a Stark-inspired temple of cool. The downstairs bar is fantastic and the upstairs restaurant has a pleasantly demure feel and just the right number of tables. The service is youthful and speedy and the food, as you would expect from Alistair Parker, ex-O’Connell Street, ex-Paramount, is simple and superb. Great wine list too.”

The restaurant has a “contemporary but slightly more serious look, with white cloths and polished glassware that reflects the taillights in the wall recesses.” The central staircase is swathed in glossy dark faux-fur drops and down to the packed downstairs bar with “stools, standing room and hotly contested booths.”

Project 4119