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LDS Church Develops Service Centre throughout the world.

Following the completion of their Temple, The Church saw the need for a Service Centre, Mission President’s Residence and Patrons Accommodation within the existing Temple Precinct.

The brief for the project was for a simple building design using materials which were locally available and easily constructed by resident contractors.

Outdoor living and work areas were included in the design for both the Service Centre and the residence to take advantage of climatic conditions.

These included food preparation dining, clothes drying and a potential earth cooking (Lovo/hangi) adjacent external dining.

The large deck for the residence was designed as a secondary dining area with distant views to the ocean and sheltered from sun.

Solar hot water heating system was included and rain water was harvested from the roof.

Orientation of buildings were important to take advantage of available views to Laucala Bay and to avoid direct heat gain. Hence a north south orientation was suggested.

Wide eaves for sun shading and opening windows for maximum cross ventilation were specified.

Landscape enhanced including to public street frontage. All local plants used.

The building was designed to meet local codes for cyclone conditions.

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