Client: Village Skycity / Planet Hollywood

The clients brief demanded an environment consistent with the international restaurant chain’s theme worldwide but with an individual statement emphasising its own strong identity in Auckland City.

The basis of the concept is to transport the visitor to different worlds created by a multitude of various theme rooms or spaces, one quite different from the next and separated by transitional zones. Every visit to the restaurant should be a different experience. Film memorabilia is carefully selected and placed to reinforce the theme, together with AV display, sounds, colour(background) and light. On arrival at the main reception area, one can see over the whole restaurant.

The bar area is the holding zone but also, as for each room, functions and feels separate in identity. The various eating rooms are opened up progressively so that patrons always have a degree of intimacy. The multitude of visual displays, both static and digital, draw one around the restaurant due to ‘glimpses’ available from neighbouring rooms.

Serving up to 1000 meals a day, this is one of New Zealand’s busiest restaurants making huge demands on food and beverage distribution flow, yet still make the ‘movie set’ a real experience for each and every patron.

Project 3552