Client: Tramco Group

Various schemes were quickly explored for this block of land between Viaduct Harbour and Fanshawe Street, including staged office and hotel developments. A quality address, the objective was to create and present for general viewing a quality development meeting the needs of Auckland City and maximising views and connection to the Viaduct harbour and Victoria Park.

A row of basket weave metal containers, based on Polynesian woven flax containers, represents the gathering of people in a large international meeting house. Metal louvres as silver fern leaves, interwoven to form a sun screen as if under the forest canopy, cast dappled light and shadow across the floor and onto the walls of the Atrium.

It is a simple form, with a variety of sub-dividable rooms for up to 3000 people, accessed and serviced independently, technically appointed to the standards expected of a premier international conference facility.

Project 3842